I'm campaigning on four main areas that matter to local people. These are creating a stronger economy in Cirencester and across the Cotswolds, improving local roads to save lives and prevent damage to vehicles, ensuring that we get sustainable development that enhances our area and improving the urban environment in our towns and villages.

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  • A Stronger Economy

    A Stronger Economy

    Joe is fighting for a stronger economy to support local businesses and provide jobs for local people.

  • Better Roads, Safer Roads

    Better Roads, Safer Roads

    Joe is campaigning for better and safer roads in Cirencester and across Gloucestershire.

  • Sustainable Development

    Sustainable Development

    Joe wants to see sustainable home building in the Cotswolds for local people.

  • Urban Improvment

    Urban Improvment

    Joe is working for a cleaner and tidier Cirencester befitting of the Capital of the Cotswolds title.