A Stronger Economy

In a time of real economic hardship local Councils need to be doing all they can to ensure they can ease the burden on the residents and businesses they serve.

Our area has been fairly buoyant during the economic downturn there is always more that can be done to help local residents and businesses.

Cut Parking Charges in our Car Parks

There has been an endless rise in charges for parking in our towns across The Cotswolds. The high costs are deterring people from spending as much time as they would like to in our market towns.

Since 2006, the Conservative run Cotswold District Council (CDC) has made a profit of £10 million from parking charges.

I believe that the parking charges in Cirencester and throughout the larger towns in the Cotswolds are disastrous for local residents, shoppers and businesses. I believe that that Cotswold District Council should use the profits from the huge sums they’ve racked up to lower the cost of parking across Cirencester and the Cotswolds.

End 24/7 Parking charges 

24/7 parking charges in one car park in Cirencester don’t make sense. I want to see the 24/7 charges scrapped in the Brewery car park. Simple!

Campaign for lower Business Rates

Many people think local Councils are responsible for setting business rates, it is in fact the Government and the Valuation Office Agency that set how much business owners have to pay. Council’s collect the rates on behalf of the government.

Due to the high number of listed buildings in Cirencester and the local area, local shopkeepers and business owners are often hit with high rates.

I want our local Councils to take the lead in calling for lower business rates for small and medium sized businesses.

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