Better Roads, Safer Roads

The state of many roads in Cirencester and across Gloucestershire is unacceptable, at times driving around the area is like being on safari. Potholes have become a mainstay and the investment to try and tackle the problem hasn't been forthcoming.

We've also got some of the most dangerous roads in the UK, sadly road deaths and serious injury remains high. Road incidents are avoidable and we should be doing everything we can to prevent then happening.

More investment into Gloucestershire's Roads

Ten years of Conservative underinvestment has taken it's toll, the simple truth is that not enough money is being spent on fixing our roads.

I want Gloucestershire County Council to release £5 million worth of surplus funds in the council’s reserves to help fix the enormous number of potholes on the county’s roads especially in the Cotswolds.

Decent road repairs

We all know how frustrating it is to see a pothole filled in and then in a matter of weeks it needing attention again because the tarmac has come out. This also has a financial cost as workman then need to return to repair it. 

I want to see more patching and full resurfacing schemes so repairs last longer and it doesn't drain Council resources.

More 20mph zones

Speed can kill and the county council under Liberal Democrat control will introduce safety measures to reduce speed, which helps save lives. The council will encourage the introduction of new 20 mph zones in residential streets where there is local community support.


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