Cotswold District Council

wgrp0675v11_election_count.JPGI’ve been on Cotswold District Council since 2011 when I was elected in the May local elections.

I won the Cirencester Park Ward seat which covers the centre of Cirencester and part of Chesterton. I was elected along with my running mate Lee Searles and at the time became one of the youngest Councillors in the county at the age of 18.

I was part of the most successful Liberal Democrat team in the UK that bucked the national trend and gained 7 seats on Cotswold District Council.

I became the Leader of the Lib Dem group on CDC in October 2014.

I was re-elected as a District Councillor for St Michaels Ward in Cirencester. Nine other Liberal Democrats were also elected to the District Council in May 2015.

The big decisions about Cirencester are being made by Conservative Councillors that live miles away from the Town. I don’t think that’s fair.

It is clear to me that the administration at Cotswold District Council are taking advantage of Cirencester by milking the Town for cash through extortionate parking charges.

They’ve also taken their eye off of the ball with reagard to the Local Plan for the area. The fact that we don’t have an up to date local plan means our area is at the mercy of developers. Cirencester faces the prospect of up to 2500 new houses being built with local people having no meaningful say.

I’ve made it my number one priority at Cotswold District Council to stand up for Cirencester and its residents. Although tough at times, someone has to stand up to Cotswold Conservatives who are are making decisions for Cirencester.

What do the District Council do?

Cotswold District Council is the middle tier of local Government and are responsible for services such as, like: 

*Car Parking Charges 
*Rubbish Collection 
*Graveyards and Cemeteries 
*Council Tax collections 
*Planning applications