Councillor hits out after Council ‘Cock-up’ on Somerford Road

Councillor Joe Harris has hit out at Gloucestershire County Council and their Highways contractors after yellow lines on Somerford Road were unable to be painted because the authority failed to ensure traffic was cleared in advance.


Somerford Road has long had problems with cars parking on the section of bridge above the ring road causing visibility problems for drivers.

Councillor Joe Harris (LD,Cirencester Park)  allocated £12,000 two years ago to fund a traffic regulation order to stop cars parking on the stretch of road by implementing double yellow lines.

When contractors arrived to paint the yellow lines on Monday they found that cars were parked on the stretch of road they were instructed to paint.

Councillor Joe Harris commented saying: “It’s beggars belief that the Council didn’t have the foresight to ensure that cars were unable to park on this stretch of road on Monday morning. All it would have taken were some cones to be laid out the night before and a clear notice displayed.”

“As the lines were unable to be painted it now means that GCC will have to book in contractors again to complete the job, it’s a total cock up. Residents have had to wait so long for this scheme and this is another chapter in this sorry saga. I don’t know weather to laugh or cry.”

“An officer from GCC has told me that they hope to complete the work by the 19th October. If this deadline isn’t met then I’ll be making an official complaint.”

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