Gloucestershire County Council

joepaulnigel.jpgI was elected to Gloucestershire County Council in May 2013 at the local elections.

I won the Cirencester Park Division seat which is made up of Watermoor, Chesterton and the centre of town. What made it extra special was the huge majority I received, I got over 55% of the vote and a majority of over 1000.

I was elected alongside fellow Lib Dems Nigel Robbins (right) who won the Cirencester Beeches Division and Paul Hodgkinson (middle) winning the Bourton on the Water and Northleach Division.

Gloucestershire ended up with a hung council and no political party had overall control. Conservatives 23, Lib Dems 14, Labour 9, UKIP 3, Green 1, Others 3. Despite the initial optimism I had that all parties could work together for Gloucestershire the Conservatives have been reluctant to talk to us.

I campaigned on six main issues including fixing Cirencester’s potholes, introducing fairer parking charges, protecting our green spaces, cutting speed limits, freezing the cost of meals on wheels and more investment in young people.

Whilst the state of Cirencester’s roads is still poor there are less potholes around, I’m also delighted that I managed to cut the price of a Parking Permit from £80 to £50 and helped the effort to scrap proposals for on-street parking meters in the town.

1064513_600282863388281_805607032_o.jpgHowever I’m still fighting to achieve success on the other issues I campaigned for.

Since I was elected I’ve noticed a real disconnect between the decision makers at Shire Hall and Cirencester. I’ve been a vocal voice in the Council chamber for Cirencester and campaigned on issues such as better road surfaces for the town , fairer school admissions and better verges and roundabouts.

What do the County Council do?

The County Council are the highest tier of local Government in our are and are responsible for services across the whole of a county, like:

*Highways and Roads
*On Street Parking
*Fire and public safety
*Social care
*Waste management
*Trading standards