Cllr Joe Harris for Lib Dem LGA Group Leader

Across the country, Lib Dem councillors are achieving amazing things for their communities. They’ve been standing up for their residents and winning elections against Conservatives, Labour and the rest!
However, we rarely hear about what the Lib Dems are doing in the national press. Local government needs to be the strong foundation on which we regain national relevance.
We need to shout about our successes and make sure that Lib Dem ideas and initiatives see the light of day; not just for the benefit of our communities, but for our country. If we don't then the future could be very bleak for our party.
I speak to many Councillors across the country and it concerns me that many have little or no idea about what the LGA is or does and the great support the LGA Lib Dem Group could offer them. That needs to change so we can ensure we're meeting our potential everywhere, not just in areas where we are running the Council or have had historic success.
These are the reasons I've decided to stand as Leader of the Lib Dem LGA Group, I want to be your champion and use my skills to take our party forward. I hope you'll support me to do this.

 Turbo charging our communications so we cut through

• I’ll reshape the LGA Lib Dem Group’s social media and PR channels
• I’ll develop a communications strategy
• I’ve got a record of securing national media attention

Listening to you and hearing you

• Many of you tell me you feel disconnected from the Federal Party and the LGA
• I’ll carry out a big listening exercise later this year to understand your needs
• I’ll ensure we provide more support for smaller council groups

Championing under-represented groups

• I’ve been a young person on a council for 10 years - a lonely place at times!
• I’m perceptive to the challenges that women and minority groups often face
• Many people in our party find it very difficult to get their voices heard
• I’ll ensure we empower and celebrate those from under-represented groups who are already elected