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I’ve been a Councillor for over four years now. At times it has been extremely frustrating and I’m still staggered about the slow pace of local government. However I’m proud of the things I’ve achieved along with my Lib Dem colleagues as we continue to strive to make Cirencester an even better place to live. Here are just some of the things we've achieved… 

Introduced outdoor gym and sport equipment 


Using the County Council's active together fund I worked with the Town Council to secure the delivery of outdoor gym equipment at City Bank, Four Acres Field, Thistle Patch and Kingshill.

The idea was to put the equipment along run routes in the Town so you can push yourself a bit further when on a run. The equipment has also been placed in well know community spaces so anyone can have a go.

Table Tennis facilities were also introduced into St Michael's Park and the Abbey grounds and have been a great success.

An 'active Cirencester' map is also being produced to detail what's on offer and where you can find the facilities.

Redevelopment of Cirencester's Market Place.

While I was the Mayor of Cirencester I oversaw the planning and consultation stage of the Market Place redevelopment scheme.

After forty years of talk work finally began in February 2016 and was completed in January 2017. 

Secured free parking after 3pm in two Cirencester's Forum and Brewery Car Parks

I was really pleased when Cotswold District Council were persuaded to introduce the 'free after 3' scheme January and February 2015 and again in 2016. I campaigned on this.

My District Council group then put an amendment to the District Council's 2016/17 budget to make the scheme permanent that was accepted.You can now park in the Forum and Brewery Car Parks for free, after 3 on weekdays!

protest.jpgHelped scrap plans for 24/7 parking charges

I led a protest and the campaign against the Conservatives plans to introduce 24/7 Parking Charges in Cirencester’s car parks.

After weeks of petitioning, public questioning and and the support of the local newspaper the Council administration caved in and the plans were scrapped.

Set up ‘Game On’

Leading on from the Olympics in the summer of 2012, I initiated the ‘Game On’ scheme to help young people from disadvantaged families pay to join a sports club.

The scheme encouraged young people aged 11 – 19 years old to get involved in sport by funding 60 placements throughout three sporting areas including Football, Netball and Rugby.

cctv.jpgIntroduced a new CCTV System for Cirencester

After years of underinvestment by Cotswold District Council I made it a priority of Cirencester Town Council to introduce a new CCTV System when the Town Council took over responsibility of the system. The previous system was unable to capture an image let alone a criminal.

After extensive research we decided on the right system for the Town to make sure that residents are kept safe and to prevent offending in Cirencester. The new state of the art system goes live in September 2014.

Introduced the Living Wage at Cirencester Town Council

All people should have a wage they can afford to live from especially in tough economic times. I supported the move to introduce the Living Wage for the lowest paid workers at Cirencester Town Council.

Cut the Price of an on-street Parking Permit

On-street parking enforcment in Cirencester is awful and policing residential zones was the rational for raising permit prices. I voted to cut the price of a parking permit in Cirencester and Gloucestershire from £80 to £50.

amphit.jpgIntroduced a new master plan for Cirencester’s Roman Amphitheatre 

The Roman Amphitheatre is a jewel in Cirencester’s Crown. Unfortunately over the years it has fallen into disrepair due to ownership and heritage issues. I want it to live up to it’s former glory.

I’ve helped oversee the adoption of the Amphitheatre Master Plan which includes proposals for a new visitor centre, improved access and pathways and a car park, in an attempt to attract more visitors.

For more information click here.

Secured an extensive Consultation on Market Place Redevelopment Plans

Any major change to our local area will raise concerns. I didn’t think local concerns we’re being addressed properly with regard to the Market Place Redevelopment Plans.

I commissioned an extensive public consultation, which drew over 1000 responses from local residents and included a two week workshop, public meetings and extensive use of social media. Over 60% of respondents supported the scheme.

parking2.jpgLed the successful campaign to scrap on-street parking proposals

The plans would have seen on-street parking meters introduced in many parts of the town centre. Residents would have found themselves having to park hundreds of meters from their homes. It would also have damaged the already fragile parking situation in Cirencester.

I along with the Cirencester Residents Parking Group campaigned against the plans and we were successful as Gloucestershire County Council announced that the plans would be withdrawn in 2014.


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