PERMITTED: Joe Harris comments after Conservatives vote through Bathurst planning application

The Liberal Democrats have expressed disappointment after Bathurst Development Limited's planning application for 2350 houses on the edge of Cirencester was voted through.


17 Conservative Councillors voted for the scheme with all of Cirencester's Lib Dem Councillors voting against, there were three abstentions with a further 5 unable to vote.

Cotswold Liberal Democrat Leader, Councillor Joe Harris commented: "Conservative Councillors from outside of Cirencester have ignored the strong strength of feeling and robust arguments that local residents have put forward and committed our Town to a period of great uncertainty.

“For a development of this size, yesterday’s planning meeting further highlighted that residents are being short changed on the delivery of affordable housing, upgrades to the town’s roads and public transport. Only 70 of the units will be social rented which in an area like the Cotswolds is the only form of 'affordable housing'.
“Whilst I’m bitterly disappointed with the result I will ensure that the local Lib Dems continue to fight for Cirencester and make sure that whatever development ends up on the site as sympathetic as possible."

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