Urban Improvment

I receive many complaints from local residents and visitors about the urban environment in Cirencester. As the capital of the Cotswolds we expect the town to live up to that title especially in appearance.

While the picturesque buildings and heritage are a main stay of the town, many feel that the street scene is let down by issues like cracked and uneven paving slabs, overgrown roundabouts and verges, potholes, broken signs and faulty street lights.

I’m committed to changing this. Here are some urban improvement projects I’m working towards.

Market Place Redevelopment

Our famous and historic Market Place has become a weak link. Over 150 broken paving slabs, increased traffic flow and underinvestment in the Market Place by Highways over the years have left the Market Place looking tired and in need of attention.

I’m supporting Cirencester Town Council’s plans to redevelop the Market Place and make it a space that we can be proud of. To view the plans click here. 


Tidying up Cirencester’s verges and roundabouts

Verges and Roundabouts in Cirencester are a disgrace. It is unacceptable that lives are put at risk by overgrown verges that obscure a drivers view of oncoming traffic, this is especially a problem on some of Cirencester’s main roundabouts. It is also a poor advert for the town if the first thing visitors they see upon arrival are overgrown roundabouts.

Gloucestershire Highways aren’t prepared to cut the verges more than twice a year (we occasionally get a third if they are really bad!) due to the high cost of closing the lanes off.

I want to see Gloucestershire Highways commit to a cut in the speed limit along the ring road (A417/A429) around Cirencester so that Cirencester Town Council can take over the maintenance of roundabouts and verges.


Improving Cricklade Street

Although Cricklade Street is one of the town’s main shopping areas with some of the nation’s biggest stores, many people have expressed concerns that the appearance of the street is very poor, conveying a bad impression to visitors.

The Park Community Group have also highlighted the issue and carried out a place check on the street in 2013.

I’m campaigning for Cricklade Street to be redeveloped and smartened up. In order to achieve this a coordinated approach needs to be taken. I’m working as part of the Cricklade Street task group to get the various Councils and agencies around the table to see how we can achieve this.

Watch this space!


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